Fantasy as model

I thougt the ectching “The sleep of reason produces monsters” from Francisco de Goya.
is interesting in relation with my presentation:

outlines of the presentation:




Brion Gysin, Dreamachine.

Immersive & Generative

Light view in this way might generate in the viewer a hipnagogic state of consciousness.

Paul Klee, Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black.

Representative & Generative

It is a representation of the ancient sound. It is expressed through color mixtures made through a generative process inspired in the contemplation of growth in nature, as for example how light fades to dark.

Joshua Davis, Prints.

Conceptual & Generative

Drawn shapes are the input for the computer. These are arranged by programs the artist writes. Joshua Davis considers himself an art critic or selector of the artworks the computer makes. A human makes aesthetic decisions over phenomena produced by a computer and that is the final result of the work.

Robert Rauschenberg, White Paintings.

Minimalist & Generative

It is a minimal painting with a minimal aesthetic. The ambience, light and shadows generate all kind of  different and unique aesthetic experiences of it.

Anonymous, Song of Songs

Generative and Structuralist

There are different meanings possible in this poem, not only in terms of symbolic vs. literal meaning.  The way language is used to contstruct it makes it a generative work because there are not fixed relations between the different elements it is made of, lots of meanings appear in the way these elements are related between each other by the reader/listener.

Anonymous Myriads, Stonehedge

Immersive & Locative

During 1500 years humans created this work at the same location, now called Wiltshire. It is positioned in such a way that during the summer solstice the sun rises through the axe of construction. Among other uses it was a burial ground and a place to celebrate ceremonies. The creamated bodies melt with the ground, and the dancing bodies melt with the sound. That is immersion.