Eclipse, Joan Brossa

Representative & Locative

It is a thought represented through a poetic visual representation. It is locative because both, the egg and host, will rot .The spatial manifestation of the concept is therefore preserved by a photography and the cause of the final format of the piece.


Pierre Schaeffer, Écoute Réduite

Conceptual & Locative

The concept Écoute Réduite means to listen to the sound itself by removing from it the meanings it can carry from its real or imagined source.

It is a translation of a possible thought about hearing into a perceptual attitude. This listening reality is activated through human volition. Therefore it happens locally in the space activated by the imaginary of the individual who applyes it to its listening experience.

Anonymous Miryads, Pyramids

Minimalist & Locative

It is locative because it has to have a specific location towards the sun. It took a lot of effort and complexity to construct but is nevertheless minimalist because a pyramid in its aim to reach the sky is a reduction of a tower.

Anonymous Myriads, Cave Paintings

Structuralist & Locative

It is a locative Artwork because the caves preserve its material and physical properties through time. The situation inside of the caves selected to paint are usually dificult to acces. In some cases the animals were painted only on the same place on the same wall so it seems that the location was very important.
This paintings followed a complex set of rules that are not possible to know in 2010 in written or abstracted terms because writing did not exist when these artworks were made.

Intituitively we know there is a structure in the complexity of those artworks. Something that moved the artist to create them. In order to become something an artwork has an inherent structure. In this case it does not operate in an semniotic domain. It shows it is possible to create structures without linguistical, material or thought interrelations and that autonomous and structured systems are possible out of these interrelational systems.